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Rules & Regulations
  • PPL NETWORKS members commit to support each other as much as possible
  • PPL NETWORKS members commit to honour the rules and regulations set by the network in respect of the usage of the PPL Bill of Lading
  • PPL NETWORKS members commit to honour the rules and regulations set by any other national or international shipping, forwarding or maritime association.
  • PPL NETWORKS members commit to reply to all freight inquiries within 24 hours unless otherwise agreed,
  • PPL NETWORKS members will settle all debts within thirty days of invoicing one another, preferably via the PPL NETWORKS financial Netting 
  • For business between PPL NETWORKS members, monthly statements should be provided by the creditor.
  • PPL NETWORKS members commit to reply to all sales leads within 48 hrs.
  • PPL NETWORKS members commit to pay their membership fees and any other dues linked to PPL NETWORKS programs or conferences in a timely manner and not later than 15 days after invoice date.
  • PPL NETWORKS members commit to do their utmost to attend the PPL Annual Global Meetings, not missing 2 consecutive meetings without reason.
  • PPL NETWORKS members commit to work closely together in a friendly family atmosphere respecting each others culture, religion and political situation.

Any formal complaints regarding PPL NETWORKS members should be made to the PPL Management (



What a precious PPL global meeting. I should thank you Koen and your strong team for all you have made for PPL Network development and make PPL brand as one of leading network players worldwide. I am proud of being Founding Member. PPL is our Global shield and Home.

Abderrahim El Hasnaoui

I just wanted to drop you a quick line to say thanks for another fantastic event. I have to say the venue was stunning and a great replacement for Boracay.
Outside the meetings I was able to enjoy the Philippines so much. As always we met lots of old friends and made lots of new contacts.
Your team did a great job as always.Thanks from all the team at Cardinal both in the UK and South Africa.
Let us know when the venue is fixed for 2019. See you soon.

Andrew Smithurst

Amazing time at Cebu, Philippines. It's a really beautiful beautiful place, and also great PPL conference!

Marko Halim

Thank you everybody, thank you for the perfect organization, thank you for all nice people and friends coming, see you next event

Vittorio De Vena

29 hours of airtime and 70 hours with layovers. It is all worth it for the amazing PPL network members who are one big family. Thanks to Koen, and his staff, for arranging this amazing venue in Cebu, Philippines.

Reynir Gislason

Thank you so much for spectacular conference...

Sri Dhurgalu

Big thanks to Koen and PPL Team for the superb management & food.

Dixit Dani

You have always organized an excellent networking event and established a supportive atmosphere for all.

We are highly appreciative and proud to be one of the founding members of PPL.

Pipissanee Dumrongchietanon

I just wanted to drop you a quick e mail to say what a fantastic job your team did again with the organisation of the PPL meeting in Cambodia.
The venue was excellent and from a personal point of view it was an opportunity to visit Cambodia for the first time.
Everything was very well organised and the hotel location and accommodation was excellent.
See you in Ajman in October.

Andrew Smithurst

Once again it was really a great pleasure meeting you and your team and I thank all of you for the support and assistance extended to me during the event.
As usual the Conferernce was very well organized and had an opportunity to meet with some of our existing partners & friends.
I am also very glad to meet with some of the new Members of PPL Network and we look forward to build our agency partnership with them on a long term basis.
Take care and see you and your team again during the next PPL Middle East conference in Ajman.

P.P. Ayyoob

Thank you for a wonderful conference.
I think the attendance and quality of agents proved that people will travel that extra flight if they feel the network is of a high enough standard which was proved again this year.

David Aherne

I want to thank you and your team for hosting such a wonderful and successful conference.
You all worked very hard to make everything perfect.
The 2017 PPL AGM was a fantastic experience for us again.
We, GLOTRANS VIETNAM, enjoyed the conference and was very impressed with the way you had organized it.
Attendee traffic was excellent, one-one meetings were all great, cocktail and gala dinner provided outstanding food and atmosphere for members to interact and to get to know each other.
Personally, I met some wonderful people who will now be partners and perhaps friends for life.
Once again, thank you and congratulations.
We look forward to continuing to join with you in the years to come.

Kathy (Ms.)

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you and all your team for your hard work before, during and after the Siem Reap conference.
It was a huge success (everybody agreed).
The success of this conference was in large part due to the work of PPL team who took care of absolutely everything.
I congratulate you on your professionalism and thank you very much for all these efforts.

Bouchra Benayad

I wanted to thank you for a great conference.
It was a pleasure to meet all of these agents, many of whom I already know.

Maury Horn

Many thanks again for the great conference, well organized as usual.

Karin Wagenaar

We would like to sincerely thank to your kind organization of the PPL Annual Meeting in Vietnam, 2016. Definitely, it gave us time to meet withso many agents in the networking and we did SO MANY POTENTIAL CHANCES to work and develop our business together. Furthermore, it was also time to let all friends to get to know about Vietnam where business is growing up more in the upcoming time.

We do wish all members of PPL OneFamily stronger growth in Business and more friendship in connection.

Thanks and Best Regards

Michael Duong Nguyen Khang

Just a note to say THANK YOU and CONGRATULATIONS on the Ho Chi Minh convention.

Hotel and location was fantastic with great facilities and the meetings ran like clockwork. Everything was so well organised, I'm sure everyone really appreciated it as it allowed us to get on with our business with no thought of any issues surrounding the event.

I think the standard you set with this meeting needs to be your benchmark, so good luck with that..!

See you at the next convention and thanks again.

Thanks & Regards

Chris Johnson

Many thanks to Koen and his efficient professional team, all our best compliments for the great organization of the conference held in Vietnam.

It was very successful and enjoyable.

Looking forward to see you in Abu Dhabi



It was nice to see you at AGM PPL meeting in Vietnam last month.

It was a FRUITFUL MEETING with old agents and new agents.

This year Im planning to attend the PPL Middle east in Abu Dabhi since last year we are unable to join.

Thank you and looking forward to hear from you again.

Marko Halim

We thank you so much for great job done for PPL staff.

As usual the Conference was a SUCCESS and we are proud to be one of the oldest members of PPLNetwork.

See you next Middle East Conference.

Kind Regards.

Francisco Vilarinho

First of all I want to thank you PPL team for the fantastic job made in Vietnam.
PPL shows year after year to be the RIGHT FAMILY for shipping forwarder focused to increase market using professional partners and protective family.

Pirro Marco

Just to say, the Conference has been “SUPERBE”
Thanks to You All!

Stefano Auguadri

I just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks for arranging the event in Dubai. It was a great event and I believe was very successful.
The standard of the agents was extremely high I have to say the choice of venue was first class with everything available on site Superb hotel.
Thanks for the kindness shown to us during our visit.
It was very much appreciated.
Your team did a really fantastic job and I look forward to seeing you in HCM City next year.

Jacqui Usi

I wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that I was very impressed with the conference in Vietnam.

It was well organized, with a great atmosphere, and FANTASTIC LOCATION.

Thank you for all the hard work and dedication put into the conference to make it an absolute Success.

I enjoyed my time with the PPL Family, looking forward to the next one.

Have a fantastic day.

Best Regards.

Hakob (Jake) Amso

This is to thank you for the kind invitation to attend the event in Dubai.
I was very pleased to be there and it was certainly an extremely valuable and successful meeting with all our members discussing, sharing ideas and gaining new expertise.
I would also like to highlight the high class accommodation at the hotel along with whole organization of the event which was impressive.
I take this opportunity to extend my gratefulness to your team for the outstanding work they did.
With kind regards.

Daniel Martinez

I just wanted to compliment you on the extra ordinary conference in Dubai.
A thoroughly efficient and impeccably well organised conference at a great venue.
I felt it was very beneficial to Mainstream and thank you for your efforts.
Kindest Regards.

Alastair Pearson

Thank you very much to your team for organizing the wonderful PPL Meeting in Dubai
The Food was really wonder full well organized, and We had good time meeting the Fellow Members and potential business partners
I have had the opportunity to meet many new friends and definitely potential business partners.
I enjoyed the event and I wish PPL all the best and hope see you all in 2016.

Abdul Kadar. M

I've very much appreciated for the warm welcome I received during the PPL Meeting - Dubai 2015.
The event were very well organized and the system for the one to one meetings very efficient.
I have had the opportunity to meet many new friends and definitely potential business partners.
I enjoyed the event and I wish PPL all the best and hope see you all in 2016!

Katia Kajimoto

On behalf of the ITL team I would like to express our gratitude for your continued assistance on the operational matters we have come across. We appreciate your support of our company, and we find a great benefit to being part of the PPL family.
In addition we would like to thank you for the great planning and outcome at the PPL Dubai conference. The conference was a success all around. We have found the results from meeting both existing PPL partners we are currently working with, as well as new partners very rewarding, and we look forward to building our relationships mutually. The PPL network is a top notch and we are proud to be part of the family!

Bethany Thomas

It was a great experience to join PPL Meeting in Dubai.
I really appreciate a well-organized event and also found good, professional companies who joined this
I find PPL to be very different than other networks and it is our pleasure to be part of PPL NETWORKS.
Best Regards!

Khurram Ali Khan

This is to express our thankful & appreciation to the sincere efforts spent in the conference from all the team of PPL.
We were much pleased to join the conference meeting all PPL team & our felow members.
Best wishes of best of luck to our valued PPL.

Ms. Dalia Youssef

My compliments (again) for the fine organisation of the 1st Middle East PPL Meeting.
Location, food, internet, dinner....everything was 200%. If this was the first of (hopefully) many Middle East meeting to come, please consider Dubai as the best possible place to hold them....
Thank you again PPL staff for all the good service !

Koen Verbiest

I just wanted to drop you a line on behalf of Cardinal to say thanks once again for organising such a superb conference.
The venue was excellent and Ho Chi Minh is a great city.
We all really enjoyed the meeting and have developed MORE NEW BUSINESS RELATIONSHIPS as well. Thanks for all your hard work.
See you in Abu Dhabi in October!
Thanks and regards,

Andrew Smithurst

It was really a great pleasure meeting you in HCM and as usual the event was WONDERFUL as this was a great platform to meet all our worldwide partners & friends under one roof.
Thanks a lot to you and your team for all the support extended during the conference.
Take care and see you in AUH.

Best Regards

P.P. Ayyoob

Member of

International Federation of
Freight Forwarders Association